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Director's Message

Varsha Ainapure, PGDM Head at M.K.E.S. Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai

CA Dr. Varsha Ainapure



How do you best educate managers in the times when the speed of change is outpacing human adaptability? When managers are confronted with radical changes and opportunities which go beyond probabilities? Organisations like Tesla, Apple, Google are transforming the world today by acting outside the rules, by creating, and not repeating. This is power of innovation and entrepreneurship. The ability of managers to create new solutions to challenges that did not previously exist is the new normal. For that they must learn to lead.

Our mission at MKES-IMSR is to empower the business leaders of tomorrow — our students — not only to seize the boundless opportunities generated by technological innovation and the digital economy, but also to anticipate and shape the far-reaching societal implications of that innovation. Excellence and Ethics are important ingredients at MKES-IMSR, and they should also become part of your managerial persona.

MKES-IMSR promises quality education through a business-oriented course curriculum. Industry professionals are involved in designing and in teaching curriculum. Our focus at MKES-IMSR remains squarely on producing leaders with the skills, creativity, mind-set, and commitment to turn ideas into outcomes that will help create a better future. I look forward to our creating that future together.

CA Dr. Varsha Ainapure