Group of Directors at MKES ISMR, Malad, Mumbai

Executive Officer's Message

Executive Officers

Dr. Bharat M Gala, Vice President

Shri. Chandrakant Gala, Vice President

Shri Harish S Vira, Treasurer

Shri Bharat Gupta, Treasurer

Shri Avinash B. Parekh, Hon.Secretary

Shri Digant H. Upadhyaya, Hon. Secretary

Shri Shantilal D. Patel, Hon. Secretary

Shri Dilip N. Gala, Hon. Secretary

On behalf of all our faculty, staff and students, we welcome you to the Malad Kandivli Education Society’s – Institute of Management Studies & Research. we are extremely proud of the rich tradition of MKES in providing experiential learning that our institutions have upheld since its inception in 1942. MKES-IMSR is an excellent choice to attain your business education and prepare for a successful career. The teaching faculty are dedicated professionals who excel in connecting with participants and providing educational experience equal to that of any college or university. With relatively small class sizes, you will have the opportunity to know our faculty and work with them side by side on business and research projects. The faculty bring their passions for their fields of study and their rigorous methodologies into the classroom to make you ready for the corporate world.

MKES-IMSR’s mission is to develop “engaged and effective citizens with a commitment to life-long learning and the capacity to adapt in a multicultural interdependent world.” These skills are needed more than ever today as we grapple with social and economic issues. We are sure to produce leaders who will be engaged with urgent social and ethical challenges in contemporary business and society.