Welcome to M.K.E.S College of MBA Group Mentors

Group Mentor’s Message


Prof. (Dr) Satish Ailawadi

Group Mentor and Adjunct Professor


Swami Vivekananda showed the close connection between culture and education. Wherever there is a great culture, you will find behind it, a highly developed system of education. Ancient India could produce a great culture because it developed a wonderful system of education where Gurus were lifelong mentors of their pupils.

We at MKES-IMSR firmly believe the basic purpose of education is to transform an empty mind into an open mind facilitating the total development of human personality. Everyone is endowed with certain capacities, which remain dormant, albeit in a potential form in childhood. Education is the process by which these inherent potential in human personality manifest themselves in completing his or her total development.

MKES-IMSR is a business school with a difference. We aim to create a great learning environments for the participants of our programmes by having small class-room size and providing each participant a mentor throughout the duration of the programme(s). We are passionate to deliver a superlative ‘knowledge by doing’ experience to those who join MKES-IMSR.

I welcome you all to the newly founded MKES Institute of Management Studies and Research that believes in the philosophy of reflection, practice and lifelong learning by developing positive ‘Attitude’ because it is only through positive attitude one can imbibe new and emerging ‘Skills’ through acquiring right ‘Knowledge’- The Philosophy of ‘ASK’. We have committed ourselves to provide high quality of education with a global vision. It has begun its journey towards excellence with a clear goal to create an internationally recognized ‘Centre of Excellence’ in emerging areas.

We live our dreams through eminent personalities on our Governing Board, Board of Studies and world-class faculty chosen from the best and recognized practitioners and the academia. The participants to our programmes would be our real torch bearers of our values, beliefs and performance.

I look forward to welcome all of you to an experience which will surely be transformative.